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cloud gpu for rendering

Benefits of Cloud GPU for Rendering

The NVIDIA RTX Technology delivers the most powerful GPU cloud rendering solutions, best suited for professional artists, designers, and engineers across diverse industries. Hyperstack leverages the immense power of NVIDIA RTX GPUs, seamlessly integrating them with applications optimised for NVIDIA RTX technology. Here are the benefits of cloud GPU for rendering:

benefits of cloud gpu for rendering
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Render-Based Solutions

Hyperstack allows you to use a bunch of cutting-edge technologies for your environment.

3D Rendering

For 3D rendering tasks, we propose to use Hyperstack GPUs with software like Autodesk Maya, Blender, 3ds Max, and Cinema 4D. These applications have built-in support for NVIDIA CUDA® (Compute Unified Device Architecture), allowing you to accelerate rendering times by leveraging the parallel processing capabilities of the GPU.

Ray Tracing

For remarkable simulation of realistic lighting and reflections in 3D scenes, Hyperstack calls you to try NVIDIA Iray. By harnessing the power of AI denoising, CUDA, NVIDIA OptiX, and Material Definition Language (MDL), Iray achieves unparalleled performance and stunning visuals, all in remarkably short timeframes, when combined with the latest NVIDIA RTX-based hardware. 
NVIDIA's RTX series GPUs introduced specialised hardware for real-time ray tracing called RT Cores, making it possible to perform ray tracing at interactive frame rates in supported applications like NVIDIA RTX technology and DirectX 12 Ultimate.

AI-Accelerated Rendering

For AI-accelerated rendering tasks, such as denoising rendered images using machine learning algorithms, pay close attention to Tensor Cores. Software like NVIDIA's OptiX and other AI-based denoising plugins use these Tensor Cores to enhance the rendering process.

NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL)

For creating, sharing, and rendering physically-based materials across different rendering engines and platforms, Hyperstack offers a robust framework and language developed by NVIDIA. MDL provides a standardised way to describe the appearance of materials, including their visual properties such as colour, texture, roughness, reflectivity, and transparency. NVIDIA and Chaos Group use MDL to ensure consistent rendering results across applications. This allows smooth transitions between OpenGL, fast ray tracing, and total global illumination without scene adjustments.

Multi GPU and Multi-Machine Setup

For collaborative work to perform computational tasks, you can use multiple GPUs or machines. Such a configuration is frequently employed in diverse fields, including high-performance computing (HPC) applications, deep learning, scientific simulations, rendering, and other computationally demanding undertakings. NVIDIA's fourth-gen NVLink tech offers 1.5X higher bandwidth and better scalability for multi-GPU setups. 

GPUs We Recommend for Rendering

Hyperstack recommends using NVIDIA's RTX series of cloud GPUs for rendering:

RTX A4000

RTX A4000

  • VFX (Visual effects), animation, video editing, and post-production
  • Architectural and scientific visualization
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Complex CAD and product design
RTX A5000

RTX A5000

  • Live 3D and VFX rendering
  • Complex CAD and manufacturing product design
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Complex CAD and product design
RTX A6000

RTX A6000

  • Impressive performance gains
  • More and faster cores
  • Larger cache
  • Increased memory bandwidth

Frequently Asked Questions

We build our services around you. Our product support and product development go hand in hand to deliver you the best solutions available.

Is there a cloud GPU for Rendering?

Yes. Hyperstack offers powerful GPUs specifically designed for rendering workloads via the cloud. Hyperstack specifically recommends the RTX family of GPUs for render-based workloads. Access NVIDIA RTX GPUs on-demand and accelerate your projects without the hassle of managing hardware.

Can I render in the cloud?

Yes, you can. Hyperstack provides seamless access to cloud GPUs for a powerful rendering experience. Choose your GPU configuration and render stunning visuals without the hassle of local hardware limitations.

Is GPU cloud rendering good?

Beyond good, it's fantastic! Hyperstack's GPU cloud rendering platform delivers superior performance compared to traditional setups. Enjoy faster renders, pay for what you use and increase scalability.

What are the advantages of cloud rendering?

  • Unmatched flexibility: Instantly scale your resources up or down to match your project needs.
  • Cost-effective: Pay only for your resources and eliminate costly hardware investments.
  • Accessible: Render on the most sought-after GPUs in the world from anywhere with internet access.
  • Improved collaboration: Collaborate on projects and assets easily with role-based access for your team in the cloud.
  • Sustainability: Hyperstack runs on 100% renewable energy, making your cloud renders eco-friendly.

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