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We Specialise in GPU Cloud

An ecosystem optimised for Enterprise level GPU-Acceleration

Why choose Hyperstack as a cloud provider for GPU

We own, operate, and optimise everything down from the servers and network, to the platform itself.
Managed Kubernetes
Automate software deployment, scaling and management.
Pre-Configured Flavours
Optimise any GPU-accelerated workload with preconfigured flavours, or create custom flavours to suit your needs.
First Class API
Our API is built from ground up and bespoke for GPU cloud.
Optimised Networking
Our network architecture is optimised for GPUs, so workloads run at max efficiency.
Premium Storage
We offer NVMe, HDD block, and HDD Shared storage.
Enterprise Grade
Our entire ecosystem is built from the ground up and optimised for enterprise workloads.

NVIDIA partner

We are NVIDIA's Elite Cloud Service Partner in Europe, thanks to our unique offerings and cutting-edge sustainable infrastructure.

Why choose us over Legacy Cloud Providers

Our GPU cloud is fully optimised
More Affordable
More Affordable
Up to 75% more cost-effective than hyperscalers.
More Efficient
More Efficient
GPU-optimised eco-system for max performance efficiency.
More accessible
More Accessible
Easy-to-use platform with access to NVIDIA GPUs and enterprise-grade features.

Sustainable Infrastructure

We're building a Green Cloud in Europe and North America.
100% Renewably Powered
Our servers are powered 100% by hydro-energy, housed within sustainable data centres.
Energy Efficient
We run at peak-efficiency – our equipment is over 20x more energy-efficient than traditional computing.
Reliable Partnerships
We only work with green and socially responsible Data Centres with an uptime guarantee of 99.982%.
Green & Cool
Energy consumption creates a lot of heat. Low annual average temperatures within our data centres enable free air cooling.

A user experience like no other

  • Easy-to-use: 1 click deployment available
  • Action callbacks: get notified immediately
  • Custom-build flavours
  • Role-based access control
  • Resource callbacks
  • Logically organise different VMs into environments
  • Ever-growing fleet of GPUs available
  • Human support team
  • Multi-region support
  • First class API