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DSC Europe




Sava Centar, Belgrade


November 20-24, 2023

NG DSC23 Landing_HS

DSC Europe

Join us at DSC Europe 2023, the pivotal event for data science professionals, taking place in the heart of innovation. This conference is a hub for data enthusiasts from various industries to converge, share knowledge, and uncover the latest trends in data analytics and machine learning.

The Hyperstack team is participating in this year's conference, keen to engage with peers, discuss challenges, and present our advanced GPU cloud solutions that are reshaping data analysis. While we won’t be anchored to a stand, our team is ready to engage in thought-provoking discussions and establish meaningful connections.

In tandem with DSC, we’re also participating in two pivotal side events in the area: CryptiCon and PandoraConf. At CryptiCon, we delve into the intersection of cryptography and security in the digital age, exploring how data protection is evolving. PandoraConf opens the dialogue on the potential and the challenges of using big data in personalised customer experiences.

We're looking forward to discussing how our scalable solutions can empower your data projects, optimise performance, and drive insightful decision-making. Secure a slot to meet with us at DSC Europe 2023 by filling out the form. Together, let's turn data into action.

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