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TED AI 2023




San Francisco


17-18 October 2023

HS TEDAI 23 Landing

Brace for impact...

We're in San Francisco attending the TED AI event - a two day conference filled with TED Talks from AI pioneers and trailblazers. The event aims to explore the profound implications of AI on various facets of civilization, including industries, institutions, communities, and cultures.

It also features a 2-day hackathon challenging participants to leverage AI for social good - and we're all about implementing AI for bettering the world! That's why we power all of our GPUs on renewable energy.

The TED AI event hosts a variety of panels and workshops, providing an opportunity for deeper discussions on AI's impact on different sectors. A few of the upcoming highlights include exploring generative AI to transform organisations, a 2-hour AI product boot camp, and panels discussing the convergence of law and AI, new scientific discoveries with generative AI, and the transformation of healthcare and medicine through Generative AI​.

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