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NVIDIA Blackwell - Coming Soon

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World's most powerful chip for AI training and real-time LLM inference for models scaling up to 10 trillion parametres. Reserve NVIDIA Blackwell GPU now!

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Benefits of NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs


World’s Most Powerful Chip

The Blackwell processor packs 208 billion transistors and is manufactured using a custom-built 4NP TSMC process


Generative AI Engine

Custom Tensor Core technology with NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM and NeMo framework innovations, accelerates inference and training for LLMs


Secure AI

Protect AI models and customer data with uncompromised performance, with support for new native interface encryption protocol


Fifth-Generation NVLink

NVLink’s latest iteration delivers groundbreaking 1.8 TB/s throughput per GPU, ensuring seamless high-speed communication


Decompression Engine

Decompression engines accelerate database queries to deliver the highest performance in data analytics and data science


RAS Engine

Only Blackwell-powered GPUs include a dedicated engine for reliability, availability and serviceability

Power the New Era of Generative AI

Build and run real-time inference on trillion-parametre large language models. Enable faster insights, more accurate models, and more efficient operations across a variety of fields.

Transform generative AI and accelerated computing in data processing, electronic design automation, computer-aided engineering and quantum computing. 


 Trillion Parametre-Scale AI Models


Reduced LLM Inference Operating Cost and Energy


Highest performance in data analytics and data science


New native interface encryption protocols



Frequently asked questions about NVIDIA Blackwell GPU reservations.

Why should you reserve the NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs?

The NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs are the latest and most powerful GPUs optimised for large language models. The NVIDIA Blackwell GPU will not be publically available anywhere in the world until Q4 2024 - Hyperstack is one of the first providers globally to offer reservation access. To secure early access this winter, reserve your Blackwell GPU through Hyperstack here. Our team will then contact you to discuss pricing based around your requirements.

Is a reservation fee or deposit required for NVIDIA Blackwell GPU reservations?

No reservation fee or deposit is required for NVIDIA Blackwell GPU reservations at Hyperstack.

How can I contact support for questions or assistance regarding the reservation for NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs?

For any queries or assistance regarding NVIDIA Blackwell GPU reservations, please enquire through the Blackwell reservation page.

Unleash AI with NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs

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