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Published on 21 Jun 2023

NexGen Cloud Becomes Elite Partner in NVIDIA Partner Network in Record Time



Updated: 29 Jan 2024

After only a year of Preferred Partnership status, NexGen Cloud, a green cloud provider specialising in GPU-accelerated computing, is announcing that it is now an NVIDIA Partner Network Elite CSP Partner in Europe. This partnership represents a significant milestone for the company, demonstrating its commitment to delivering sustainable cloud solutions powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

Having amassed a vast pool of sustainable GPU infrastructure, the company is cultivating a network of channel partners to resell their GPU-as-a-service (GPUaaS) offerings. This service allows partners to deliver NexGen Cloud’s GPU offerings to its own clients and customers via an API. 

The company is also set to launch a new platform, Hyperstack, to service end-users with a range of SKUs specifically designed for each industry and use case, such as generative AI and large language models (LLMs), in a 75% more cost-effective manner compared to legacy public cloud providers.

As compute demand grows, there is an increasing concern over the amount of energy required to support these new technologies. To help avoid placing unsustainable demands on electricity generation and to optimise energy costs, the underlying components within the supporting NVIDIA compute infrastructure are built to be as efficient as possible.

"Our robust and sustainable GPU ecosystem has enabled us to become an NVIDIA Elite Partner in record time. This partnership helps us offer to our customers more efficient and eco-friendly cloud solutions equipped with advanced technology and increased performance."

- Chris Starkey, CEO of NexGen Cloud.

NVIDIA GPUs help NexGen Cloud achieve the efficiency needed to sustainably power the company’s high-performance workloads. Compared with prior-generation accelerated systems, NexGen Cloud’s NVIDIA GPU-accelerated servers boost energy efficiency by approximately 3.5 times. 

"Energy efficiency is a full-stack issue, from the software down to the chips, and it requires us to adopt an end-to-end system approach to deliver the highest performance at the lowest possible energy usage."  

- Shar Narasimhan, Director of Product Marketing for Data Centre GPUs at NVIDIA.

NexGen Cloud, with its core focus on green cloud computing solutions, builds its products and solutions exclusively around NVIDIA technology, which help ensure more energy-efficient consumption levels for its hardware. The company also goes one step further in delivering green, cloud-based solutions through its Data Centre collaborations.
All of the hardware powered by NexGen Cloud is housed in sustainable Tier 3 Data Centres, completely fuelled by renewable energy. This not only helps the company’s hardware run at peak energy-efficiency, but it also addresses significant demands from clients around the world looking for more sustainable options.

By helping NexGen Cloud achieve the efficiency needed to sustainably drive the next generation of breakthroughs, this NVIDIA Elite partnership represents a significant step towards a greener future in cloud computing and accelerated workloads.

About NexGen Cloud

NexGen Cloud delivers accelerated workloads through their network of High-Performance Computers for use cases such as AI, scientific computing, and rendering. The company challenges traditional legacy cloud providers by offering advanced bespoke solutions combined with a competitive and transparent pricing structure, with a vision to build the largest GPU cloud in Europe.

The company plans to bridge the growing technology gap in Europe by building “as-a-service” cloud solutions on top of its Hyperstack.cloud platform to make AI and advanced computing accessible to all industries and in the coming months.

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