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Published on 19 Mar 2024

NexGen Cloud Part of First Wave to Offer NVIDIA Blackwell Platform-Powered AI Infrastructure and Compute Services



Updated: 19 Mar 2024

AI Supercloud will use NVIDIA Blackwell platform to drive enhanced efficiency, reduced costs and sustainable energy consumption

London, United Kingdom, 18th March 2024; NexGen Cloud, the sustainable infrastructure-as-a-service provider, today announced that it will be one of the first Elite Cloud Partners in the NVIDIA Partner Network to offer NVIDIA Blackwell platform-powered compute services in Q4. NexGen Cloud will provide these services as part of its AI Supercloud which will be the first in Europe when it is deployed this year.

This collaboration with NVIDIA marks a significant milestone in AI infrastructure, offering organisations globally the opportunity to harness the power of transformative technologies for enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and sustainable energy consumption.

The NVIDIA Blackwell GPU architecture will enable real-time inference on trillion-parameter large language models (LLMs) at unparalleled efficiency. This advancement is poised to reshape industries by accelerating breakthroughs in data processing, electronic design automation, computer-aided drug design, and quantum computing.

“Being one of the first Elite Cloud Partners in the NVIDIA Partner Network to offer NVIDIA Blackwell-powered products to the market marks a major milestone for our business. Through Blackwell-powered solutions, we will be able to equip customers with the most powerful GPU offerings on the market, empowering them to drive innovation, whilst achieving unprecedented efficiencies. This will help unlock new opportunities across industries and enhance the way we use AI both now and in the future.”

-Chris Starkey, CEO of NexGen Cloud

NVIDIA Blackwell’s six revolutionary technologies, which together enable AI training and real-time LLM inference for models scaling up to trillions of parameters, include:

  1. World’s Most Powerful Chip: The Blackwell processor leverages a cutting-edge manufacturing process tailored by NVIDIA. Blackwell delivers the power of two GPUs in a single chip, delivering optimal performance and scalability.
  2. Generative AI Engine: Custom Tensor Core technology, coupled with innovative microservices, frameworks, and libraries like NVIDIA NIM, NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM, and NVIDIA NeMo Retriever, accelerates AI inference for LLMs, including mixture-of-experts models.
  3. Secure AI: Advanced confidential computing capabilities safeguard AI models and sensitive data, ensuring uncompromised performance and privacy protection, vital for industries like healthcare and finance.
  4. Fifth-Generation NVIDIA NVLink: With groundbreaking throughput per GPU, NVlink facilitates seamless communication among multiple GPUs, essential for handling complex AI models.
  5. Decompression Engines: Dedicated engines accelerate database queries, delivering unparalleled performance in data analytics and science.
  6. RAS Engine: Blackwell-powered GPUs feature a dedicated engine for reliability, availability, and serviceability, delivering uninterrupted operation and reduced operating costs

Named in honour of David Harold Blackwell, a distinguished mathematician, the new architecture succeeds the NVIDIA Hopper architecture.

To learn more about the NVIDIA Blackwell platform, watch the NVIDIA GTC keynote by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang, as well as other exclusive sessions with industry leaders at the global AI conference, running through March 21 in San Jose, Calif., and online.

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About NexGen Cloud

NexGen Cloud, founded in 2020, is a global leader in sustainable AI Cloud infrastructure. Known for its large NVIDIA H100 GPU fleet, it offers democratised access to high-performance computing via its flagship platform, Hyperstack, and is one of the few global providers offering a genuine on-demand GPU service.

Powered by 100% renewable energy, Hyperstack is the ultimate self-service, on-demand GPUaaS Platform offering the H100, A100, L40 and more in minutes, delivering compute to some of the most promising AI start-ups in the world through NVIDIA’s Inception program.

NexGen Cloud is on a mission to democratise the accessibility of accelerated compute on a global scale by building a safer, greener, and more affordable cloud. The company’s vision is to become the world’s number one supplier of GPUaaS solutions whilst continuously supporting and expanding future technologies.

All of NexGen Cloud’s solutions are built with the aim of tackling three of the main concerns in the current cloud market – cost, transparency, and accessibility. For more information, please visit www.nexgencloud.com


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